Diversity in hymnnuttiness

I am a hymnlover and a hymnal nut. I enjoy singing (not to say I’m all that good at it) a wide variety of kinds of hymns, both in formal worship and in hymn-sings, a cappella and with organ, unison and in polyphony, from Gregorian chant to Getty-Townend, from Fanny Crosby to G. R. Woodward, in English and Esperanto and many other tongues, lyrics orthodox, heterodox and parodic, and I have over 300 hymnbooks in my collection, from Bradbury’s Fresh Laurels to Ingalls’ Christian Harmony, from the Spanish AOG Himnos de Gloria to the Cheyenne Mennonite Tsese-Maheone-Nemeotȯtse, and from the 1883 Baptist Hymnal to the 2013 RLDS Community of Christ Sings, just to name a few of my favorites.


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