Accessible minutes, anyone? (my email to the 43rd district Dems)

Hey there, 43rd!

At the last minute today as I was filling out my ballot, I found a couple races where I realized I didn’t know for sure for whom I ought to vote. So I thought, “I’ll check and see what the Democrats recommended” and I googled “43rd district democrats endorsements 2009” which of course brought up your site, but the item I thought I probably wanted to look at, namely what was billed on your home page as “Minutes of 9/15 endorsements meeting”, turned out to be available only in elitist late-model Microsoft-proprietary formats (xlsx and docx) which nothing on my computer will open (nor do I wish it to). I use OpenOffice and will continue to do so, and you will not reach me or those like me with your endorsements unless we are lucky enough to know where we put the opposite-end-of-the-technology-spectrum flyers you leave on our doors. I would encourage you to make your endorsements and minutes available in more broadly accessible forms. Barring that, I have no choice but to ignore your recommendations.

Incidentally, have you noticed the Chinese-language voters’ pamphlet did not contain any information on 71 or 1033? (I vote in Chinese, and the absence of those measures from my pamphlet was glaring. I wrote King County Elections about it but have yet to hear back from them.)

Sincerely yours,

Leland Bryant Ross



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