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New Hymnal

February 16, 2009

NOTE ADDED 2/17/2010: This post is completely out of date. Most if not all of my online hymnal’s content is now accessible via Reocities (and also possibly Geocitrus).

I have embarked on the transfer of the best of my online hymnal ,

Nova TTT-Himnaro Cigneta (logo)

Nova TTT- Himnaro Cigneta (logo)

TTT-Himnaro Cigneta, to the Fremont Baptist Church site, to function as an outreach of our church and to integrate it with my Evergreen Sings hymnal project.

As an example of how a hymn might look in the new hymnal, here is Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord set to a different tune (and with a different refrain) by Ann E. Beatty, an early Esperanto hymnist. This example is really only of historical interest, but will serve as an example of how other hymns may be treated. I intend to expand the English contents, and to add more in other languages (including, I hope, Kyrgyz).

I intend to begin publicizing this project and soliciting advice and assistance at this Saturday’s Evergreen Building Bridges Project.