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Magnificats sought stat!

October 29, 2008

The cantor at St. Therese Catholic Church here in Seattle is seeking culturally diverse, justice-oriented treatments of the Magnificat. Our correspondence on the subject is up at the Hymn Society website. If you have any Magnificats in odd languages, especially Vietnamese, Arabic, Farsi or Greek (not to say that these languages are exactly odd, just that they’re not English, Spanish or Latin), please let her know. Thanks!



Hello World!

October 27, 2008
Transit Man II

Transit Man II

Hi! My name is Leland Bryant Ross, and this is a new blog I have created on the occasion of my promotion to Moderator of the ABC Life and Ministry Forum at The name of the blog is Leland AKA Haruo because I have a long-standing tendency to go by Haruo both in online circles and in other languages (and other languages are something I do a lot of).

I live in Seattle, Washington, USA, and I am a lay member (and webmaster) of Fremont Baptist Church in that city.

Mostly I anticipate that this blog will be a place where I link to stuff I’ve written elsewhere, as well as a handy place for people to say hi if they don’t want to do so at I will also try to provide some ongoing hymnic topics here. The main language here will be English; if you don’t like it, well, don’t use it (I won’t delete just because you wrote in Chinese or Cherokee). 😉

Leland AKA Haruo